How can I schedule an appointment to meet with you?
To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with Mr. Jackson to discuss your matter, we ask that you do one of the    following:

          - Call the office at
(707) 257-7750; or
Send an email to (please include your full name, phone number, and a brief summary of your   
             legal matter).

How long will the initial consultation be?
This depends on the nature of your matter, however, a standard initial consultation is usually one half-hour.  Mr. Jackson will advise you as to whether more time may be necessary to discuss your matter.

What is your initial consultation fee?

The fee is $100.00 for a half-hour consultation.  This fee must be paid before your consultation and may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  You may contact the office for more information.

What should I bring with me to the consultation?
Generally, any relevant documents will help Mr. Jackson give you his informed opinion on your matter.  When an appointment is scheduled we will inquire and inform you of any documents Mr. Jackson may want to review.

I need special accommodations.  Should I inform you before the consultation?
Yes.  The Law Office provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities recognized under State or Federal law.  We ask that you inform the office in advance so that such accommodations can be provided accordingly.

How do I retain you as my attorney?
During your initial consultation, Mr. Jackson will advise you on the "pros and cons" related to your matter, and will recommend the most appropriate actions.  Should you decide to retain the services of the Law Office, a written Attorney-Client agreement will be executed by you (the client) and the Law Office (the attorney).  Such agreement may call for payment of a retainer and will contain the terms and conditions of representation.

What are your rates?
This depends on the nature of your matter.  In some circumstances, such as forming a corporation, preparing a will/living trust, etc., a fixed rate ("flat rate") may apply.  In other instances, reasonable hourly rates will be charged.  Alternatively, in limited cases, your matter may be taken on a contingency basis.  The fee structure will be determined upon Mr. Jackson's evaluation of your matter.

What is a retainer and why is this required to be paid?
A retainer is a deposit advanced towards your matter that is deposited in the attorney's trust account; it is essentially a security deposit so that your attorney can collect funds for services rendered.  In nearly all circumstances, an attorney cannot withdraw funds from a client's trust account without first accounting for the withdrawal.  All attorneys that accept retainers must have an Attorney-Client Trust Account in accordance with the Rules of Professional Behavior and the Business & Professions Code.  While such trust accounts must bear interest, the attorney is never entitled to any interest accrued in a client's trust account.  All interest is paid to the State Bar for funding the representation of underprivileged individuals.

What are your responsibilities as my attorney?
All attorneys must comply with ethical duties owed to their clients, including but not limited to: (a) performing legal services competently; (b) not representing interests adverse to his or her clients; (c) not disclosing privileged and/or confidential information regarding the client; and (d) keeping the client informed on his or her matter.

What are my responsibilities as a client?
Generally speaking, a client must: (a) not breach the Attorney-Client Agreement; and (b) cooperate with the attorney and follow the attorney's advice on material matters. Also, any other fact or circumstance that would render the attorney's continuing representation unlawful or unethical is considered a breach of a client's responsibility.

If you have any further questions, please contact this office.
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