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Below is a summary of the Law Office’s diverse practice area. You are invited to contact our office and ask if we can handle your matter. If your matter is not within the Law Office’s expertise, you will get a straight answer. Ultimately, the intent of the firm is to give you a better understanding of your matter, regardless of whether you retain the Law Office or not. This is your matter, we’re here to help.


          >  Forming and dissolving corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other entities

          >  Federal and State Trademark Application and Registration

Mr. Jackson is well versed in secured transactions; deeds of trust; forming and dissolving corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and other entities. He has taken a special interest in forming corporations for CSLB-licensed contractors and transferring their licenses to the corporations efficiently and affordably.

The advantage of a properly formed and managed corporation or LLC is that your personal assets (including your home) cannot be taken should anything happen to your business. Mr. Jackson also considers tax ramifications when determining what entity works best for your business. The Law Office offers flat fee rates for organizing most entities, including Minutes, Bylaws, and Operating Agreements for LLCs. Please contact the office for additional information and to schedule a consultation.

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          >  Breach of contract

          >  Real estate including eminent domain, construction defects, boundary and easement disputes,
              zoning and land use

          >  Business and commercial disputes

          >  Employment disputes including wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, harassment,
              discrimination, retaliation and defamation

          >  Landlord/tenant disputes

          >  Personal Injury

          >  Insurance Disputes

When a person has been injured due to another’s negligent or intentional act, he or she is entitled to rights and remedies under civil law. Mr. Jackson has handled multiple personal injury matters, including but not limited to pedestrian hit and runs; defending responsible pet owners; uninsured motorist claims; among numerous other matters. For more information, please contact the office.

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           > Discipline and Due Process

           > Rights and Responsibilities of Students and Parents

           > Special Education (IDEA; SELPA; IEP Plans)

           > Student Harassment

           > Pupil Records

Free public education is a fundamental right, which is guaranteed under Cal. Const., art. IX, § 5. And except for limited cases, every person between the ages of 6 and 18 years is subject to compulsory full-time education (Educ. Code § 48200). At present, our public education system is governed by myriad federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. And the application of these rules can differ between school districts, and even between schools within the same district. In order to determine whether school officials are properly applying these rules, it is sometimes necessary for a parent or guardian to seek legal counsel.

Mr. Jackson has handled education matters relating to: due process and discipline; pupil and parental rights; special education; student harassment; and pupil record compliance. You are invited to contact the law office for further information related to your specific education law matter.

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          >  Estate planning

          >  Living Trusts

          >  Wills

          >  Probate proceedings

          >  Probate and Trust disputes

          >  Durable Powers of Attorney

          >  Advanced Health Care Directives

During your life, you accumulate assets which must be distributed upon death. There are two ways to distribute these assets to your loved ones: through probate court or through a trust.

If you have a Will and Last Testament, the assets of your estate are distributed through probate court. If you have a Living Trust, your assets are distributed privately pursuant to the terms of your Trust, without involving the court. If you have neither, the probate court will distribute your assets under the intestacy scheme set forth in the California Probate Code.

There are numerous advantages in creating a Living Trust. For example, unlike a probated Will, your private matters do not become part of the public record. Also, the court is not required to approve each and every distribution, unlike a probated Will. Further, an attorney is automatically entitled to fees for probating your estate, while a Living Trust has no fixed attorney fees and can be crafted so that your estate is minimally taxed. Finally, a Living Trust includes Durable Powers of Attorney for financial and health care decisions which are not encompassed by a Last Will and Testament.

The information above is only a brief summary of estate planning matters. Please feel free to contact the office to schedule a consultation with Mr. Jackson for advice on your particular matter.

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          >   Dissolution

          >   Legal Separation

          >   Annulments

          >   Pre-marital and Post-marital Agreements

          >   Settlement Agreements

          >   Property Division

          >   Child and Spousal Support

          >   Enforcement and Modification of Orders

          >   Custody

          >   Adoptions

          >   Guardianships

Family law encompasses divorces, annulments, adoptions, guardianships and conservatorships. Mr. Jackson has experience handling all of these matters, but the most common family law issue is a divorce.

A divorce (also known as a “dissolution of marriage”) is a procedure that ends your marriage. The most common reason for a divorce is called “irreconcilable differences.” This means that you and your spouse have come to differences which make married life together essentially impossible. California is a “no fault” state, meaning that you don’t have to give the court any other reason in support of a final judgment for divorce.

Also, you or your spouse must meet the “residency requirements” to obtain a divorce in California. This means, you or your spouse must have lived in California for the last 6 months and must have lived for 3 months in the county where you’re going to file for your divorce.

The primary issues which revolve around a divorce are custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and division of community assets and debts.

Depending on the circumstances, divorce matters are contested, or proceed as an uncontested matter. If the parties have agreed to the terms of divorce, an uncontested divorce may be preferable as it is much less costly and time consuming.

Ideally, spouses can work out a reasonable resolution to their divorce matter. Unfortunately this is usually not the case. When the parties cannot agree, having an attorney increases the likelihood of obtaining a fair result. This is especially true when the other party has obtained an attorney. Mr. Jackson has handled numerous divorce matters, and achieved favorable outcomes for his clients in both contested and uncontested matters.

The information above is only a brief summary of divorce matters. Please feel free to contact the office to schedule a consultation with Mr. Jackson for advice on your particular matter.

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As a general practitioner, the Law Office handles a diversity of matters, such as criminal law, adoptions, guardianships, property disputes, etc. Please read more for further information.

           > Criminal Law

              Mr. Jackson has handled multiple criminal matters, such as DUIs and felony and misdemeanor   
              possession matters. Moreover, his pre-trial motions and negotiations have resulted in numerous
              dismissals for his clients. Whether you seek a second opinion, or wish to retain Mr. Jackson as
              general counsel, you are invited to contact the office to schedule a consultation.

           > Landlord/Tenant
              Unlawful Detainer actions are instituted to return possession to the owner of a rented property
              (Landlord). Both tenants and landlords have rights and remedies under the Civil Code. Many
              times, a property owner will evict a tenant improperly, which can cause substantial problems and
              costs as the matter proceeds. Other times, a landlord will unlawfully evict a tenant based on
              retaliation or discrimination. Mr. Jackson has substantial experience in unlawful detainer actions,
              with an eye toward minimizing costs and time for his clients. Please contact the office for further
              information and to schedule a consultation.

           > Restraining Orders
              A restraining order secures the safety of a person that has been threatened with violence, is
              harassed, stalked, etc. Having attorney representation will aid your case, especially if you show up
              in court and the other party appears with a lawyer. As a trial attorney, Mr. Jackson is well versed
              in the Evidence Code, and your testimony and evidence will be presented to the court properly
              to increase the probability of favorable judgment.

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